Phillip Phillips – “Unpack Your Heart” from Fallout Entertainment on Vimeo.



“Phillip Phillips goes a bit fantastical with his just-released “Unpack Your Heart” music video. Lifted from his Behind The Light sophomore album, the clip sees the American Idol season 11 champ step into the dazzling purple suit of Willy Wonka: anyone else feeling that serious Charlie & The Chocolate Factory vibe, too?
While possessing a delightfully airy charm, the music video unfolds like a child’s dream—a box marked with a heart (a metaphor for your own blood-pumping organ) eventually explodes, revealing all sorts of magical secrets. Once the inner light is unleashed, Phillips is surrounded by mountains, sparkling waterfalls and a vibrant rainbow. “Bring all you are,” Phillips sings, “bring your daylight, bring your dark. Share your silence and unpack your heart.” When you open up, you’ll find your life is that much lighter.”


“All in all it’s a cute production.”