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aboutFallout Entertainment is a rock solid film, music video, and television production company hailing from the hip newly renovated Venice/West Los Angeles area.

Fallout was founded by Director Bill Fishman, Fallout built up its reputation in the early days of MTV for the consistently strong videos it produced for bands such as The Ramones, Hank Williams Jr., The Georgia Satellites, George Clinton, The Living End, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Suicidal Tendencies. Those early videos have become classics and Fallout has continued into the 2000s making clips for artists like The White Stripes, Eminem protégé King Gordy, Crispin Glover, Sir Mix-A-Lot and MTV favorites Good Charlotte. Overall, Fallout’s music video division has produced a vast number of music videos for both major and minor record labels, making it one of the oldest surviving music video production companies in the Universe (virtually all of the other stalwarts have long since faded from memory).

Fallout also is active in production of commercials and television development. In the movie making community, the feature films that have been developed and produced through Fallout include “Tapeheads” starring John Cusack and Tim Robbins, “Car 54, Where Are You?” starring David Johanson, John McGinley, Fran Drescher and Rosie O’Donell, “Posse” with Mario Van Pebbles, Tone Loc, Billy Zane and Stephen Baldwin, “Desperate But Not Serious” starring Christine Taylor, John Corbett and Claudia Schiffer, “My Dinner With Jimi” with Justin Henry, Royale Watkins and George Wendt and “Underdogs’ starring ???.

Being long-time respected veterans of the field has enabled Fallout to create long-term relationships with record labels, casting agencies, production crew, post facilities, talent agencies, actors, athletes, musical talents, etc. These strong relationships have allowed Fallout to work within any budget range, and still create an impeccable product that warrants repeated viewings.

Fallout has worked in almost every genre of film and video production. From Feature Films to Television, Commercials to Music Videos, EPK to PSAs, these ambitious film & video-makers are consistently capable of delivering the goods.

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