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Music Videos

Airbourne – “Bottom Of The Well”

AJR – “Break My Face”

AJR – “Burn The House Down”

AJR – “Role Models”

Arthur Baker – “Talk It Over”

Lenny Kravitz – “Superlove”

Band of Merrymakers – “Snow SnowSnow”

Blessid Union Of Souls – “I Wanna Be There”

Bobby Jimmy and the Critters – “Roaches”

Bootsy Collins – “Party On Plastic”

The Breakfast Club – “Drive My Car”

The Brand New Heavies – “You Are The Universe”

The Brand New Heavies with Q-Tip – “Sometimes”

Cassandra Denver – “Cornfields”

Cassandra Denver – “I Don’t Know Why”

Charlie Wilson – “My Favorite Part Of You”

Chuckie Cambell – “All I Meant”

Shaggy – “Banana”

CountingCrows – “Pacific Park”

CountingCrows – “Scarecrow”

The Decemberists – “Make You Better”

DevilWears Prada – “War”

Don Broco – “Automatic”

Don Broco – “Superlove”

Dream Theater – “The Enemy Inside”

The Dream – “Throw It Back”

Eve 6 – “Victoria”

Fortunate Ones – “Fear Killers”

Foxy Shazam – “I Like It”

The Fray – “Break Your Plans”

Frickin’ A – “Trend”

Galantis – “Bones” ft. OneRepublic

GeggyTah – “Whoever You Are”

George Clinton – “Do Fries Go With That Shake”

The Georgia Satellites – “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”

The Georgia Satellites – “Myth Of Love”

The Georgia Satellites – “Shake That Thang”

Good Charlotte – “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous”

Grandmaster Flash – “Style”

Grizfolk – “Troublemaker”

Hailey Knox – “Awkward”

Hailey Knox – “Awkward” Live

Halsey – “Hurricane”

Halsey – “Ghost”

Hank Williams Jr. – “Young Country”

Hank Williams Jr. with Kid Rock – “Naked Women and Beer”

Hank Williams Jr. with Van Halen – “My Name Is Bocephus”

InfectiousGrooves – “CousinRandy”

Jayhawks – “Big Star”

John Fogerty – “MysticHighway”

Joyce Irby/Doug E. Fresh – “Mr. D.J.”

Keaton Simons – “Good Things Get Better”

Kepler – “Guerreros”

Kill J – “Silver Spoon”

King Gordy – “Nightmares (Don’t Let Me Fall Asleep)”

A. Dream Team – “Nursery Rhymes”

Lamb of God – “Redneck”

Loladre – “BetterDrugs”

Los AmigosInvisible – “Sexy”

Lindsey Stirling – “Upside”

LizBrennan – “Silver Chain”

Lucius – “Born Teen Again”

Luke Christopher – “Mr. Holy Water”

Marieme – “Ask For Help”

Marieme – “Leave”

Marlyn Manson – “DopeHat”

Matt &Kim – “LessonsLearned”

Megadeth – “The Right To Go Insane”

Moloko – “Fun For Me”

The Monkees – “Heart and Soul”

NeylaPekarek – “Train”

New Edition – “Girl”

Nickelback – “Trying Not To Love You”

The O’Jays – “Above The Law”

The O’Jays – “Stand Up (Show Love)”

Paul Van Dyk – “Lights”

Phil Phillips – “Unpack Your Heart”

O.D – “Beautiful”

The Ramones – “I Wanna Be Sedated

The Ramones – “PetSemetary”

The Ramones – “Something to Believe In”

Saint Jhn – “Lust”

Saint Jhn – “Roses”

Shirazee – “Different”

Stephen Bishop – “Like Mother Like Daughter”

The Sharks – “Only Time Will Tell”

Sir Mix-A-Lot – “Big Johnson”

Sir Mix-A-Lot – “Carz”

Stop – “Wake Up”

SuicidalTendencies – “Institutionalized”

SuicidalTendencies – “Institutionalized ’94”

Suicidal Tendencies – “Possessed to Skate”

Suicidal Tendencies – “Trip to the Brain”

The Sword – “Cloak of Feathers”

Theory of a Deadman – “Drown”

Theory of a Deadman – RX

Theory Of A Deadman – “Bitch Came Back”

Theory Of A Deadman – “Hate My Life”

Theory Of A Deadman – “Hurricane”

Trevor Hall – “Wake Up”

The Three O’Clock – “Jet Fighter”

Train – “IfIts Love”

Train – “Save Me San Francisco”

We Are Harlot – “Dancing On Nails”

We Are Harlot – “The One”

Wilco – “Outta Site (Outta Mind)”

Wilco – “Shot In The Arm”

Zap Mama – “BandyBandy”

WesPeriod – “Trap Star”

WesPeriod – “Big Bag”

Whole DamnMess – “Redemption”

Wiz Khalifa – “Gin &Drugs”

Yann Tierson ft. Andy Dick – “A Midsummer Evening”

Young The Giant – “Apartment”

III Frum Tha Soul ft. Richard Pryor – “Black Superman”



“Tapeheads” directed by Bill Fishman

“Altina” directed by Peter Sanders

“Car 54, Where Are You?” directed by Bill Fishman

“Desperate but not serious” directed by Bill Fishman

“Feral” directed by Mark Young

“Forgiveness” directed by Hakim Khalfani

“My Dinner With Jimi” directed by Bill Fishman

“Posse” directed by Mario Van Peebles

“Tapeheads” directed by Bill Fishman

“Underdogs” directed by Doug Dearth



“To The Beat with Kurt Hugo Schneider” directed by Bill Fishman

“Crack Whore Galore” directed by Bill Fishman



“Taylor Swift Tix”

“All Star Ford”

“Amazon Prime Film Club”

“Amazon Prime Charity 10k”

“Amazon Prime Epic Battle”

“Amazon Prime Student”

“American Idol/Ford Rave”

“Canada Goose”

“Corn Pops ToothosaurLiveomatic”

KCRW “Electrifying Radio”

Jim Rome “Locker Room”

Jim Rome “Christmas” (Home Shopping Network parody)

“Melba Toast John Cleese”

“My Jewelry Repair”

“Paris Vogue”

“SurveyMonkeyHealth Care”

“Survey Monkey Friendliest Costumer Service”

“Survey Monkey American Dental Society”

“Taylor Swift Tix”

Virgin Mobile “The White Stripes – Live and In Flight”



Ava Della Pietra – “Depend On Me”

Ava Della Pietra – “Long Way Home”

Blade Runner – “A7S – By My Side”

BladeRunner – “Alesso Danna Paola RescueMe”

Blade Runner – “IannLior – Circles”

Blade Runner – “X Ambassadors – Water”

Blade Runner – “Tori Kelly – What Happens Next”



Trinidad – “Love Me Back”

Ava Della Pietra – “Long Way Home”

Blade Runner – “A7S – By My Side”

BladeRunner – “Alesso Danna Paola Rescue Me”

Blade Runner – “IannLior – Circles”

Blade Runner – “X Ambassadors – Water”

Blade Runner – “Tori Kelly – What Happens Next”

Julia Wolf – “Hot Killer”

Santana Ft. Chris Stapleton – “Joy”

Trinidad – “Love Me Back”

Tyla – “Overdue ft. Dj Lag and Kooldrink”



Joss Stone – “Merry Christmas Love” EPK

Andy Grammer – “Good To Be Alive” BTS

Bad Wolves – “Sober” BTS

Bad Wolves – “Killing Me Slowly” BTS

Conkarah EPK

Cory Marks – “Blame it On The Double” BTS

Elise LeGrow – “Evan” EPK

Leslie Adam Jr – Under Pressure BTS

Joss Stone – “Merry Christmas Love” EPK

Jonah Kagen – “Wish You Did” BTS

Jonah Kagen – “Moon” BTS

Shirazee BTS

Starset – “Trials” BTS



Michael Bublé – “Feeling Good”

Andy Grammer – “Fresh Eyes” Live

Leslie Odom Jr. – Live Concert

Leslie Odom Jr. –Christmas Song Live

Leslie Odom Jr. – Christmas Waltz

Michael Bublé – “Feeling Good”

Michael Bublé – “My Valentine”

The OJay’s – Live in New York City

Ryan Cabrera Live

Rozzi – “Best Friend Song” Live

Winery Dog Trailer