Waltzing With Brando

 Director: Bill Fishman

 Writer: Bill Fishman


Waltzing with Brando provides an intimate portrait of Brando, at the height of his movie stardom but in full retreat from the cult of celebrity that had sprung up around him.  Having fallen in love with the beauty of Tahiti, and gone to great lengths to purchase an archipelago of uninhabited Tahitian islands, Brando was at a loss to carve out a home and an existence for himself and his family in his longed-for paradise.  Brando’s dilemma was seemingly resolved when he met, or perhaps, secretly arranged to meet, Waltzing author Judge, then a rising talent in the field of eco-architecture.

What ensues is an often funny, sometimes heartbreaking tale of friendship and adventure richly told through Judge’s eyes. The story introduces the reader to a surprisingly companionable Brando, but raises profound questions about the famous actor’s motivations and the relationship of human society to the environment.

Screenwriter John Mason (The Day The Waves Came, Beyond Petroleum) has been signed to adapt the book, with Bill Fishman (Tapeheads, Car 54 Where Are You?, Desperate But Not Serious) slated to direct.