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Claire M. Andreae is a documentary director, producer, and editor. She was born in Mainz, Germany, where she attended German schools and after receiving the Abitur moved to Los Angeles. She studied film and Television Production at Loyola Marymount University and graduated in 2016 as Scholar of the Year, with summa cum laude. She grew up bilingually, speaking English and German, and has traveled extensively throughout her life.

During her time at LMU, she directed three short documentaries that played successfully in film festivals and won awards for best student film, best editing, and best documentary. She has recently completed her short documentary, “Living With Fire,” which focuses on the effects that climate change is having on wildfires in California. Her previous documentary was about an international research project in the Amazon rainforest, titled “ATTO: An Adventure in the Amazon.”

Claire works for Fallout as an editor, and occasionally in other capacities as well. She first interned for Fallout as a freshman in 2013, and now has returned to Fallout after graduating from college.